Who Are we?

Uniquity Design Group is a consortium of print, web, and media designers; programmers; writers; copyeditors; proofreaders; and marketing gurus. We form project teams, staffing each team project individually, so that you, our client, do not have to pay for overhead that you do not use. That's how we keep our prices so affordable!

We meet with you to learn about the products and/or services you sell, learn about the needs of your target audience, and coordinate a marketing strategy that is unique to your specific business.

For print or web, presentation materials or media, we take your ideas, infuse them with ours, and show you samples of the products of our collaborative minds. You are kept in the loop — every step of the way.

Unlimited in scope, we have the talent to provide...

            • Corporate ID
            • Web sites, including mobile applications (iPad, iPhone, etc.)
            • E-mail blasts
            • Print material
            • Newsletters
            • Presentations
            • Catalogs
            • Invitations
            • Training guides

...and all the other bits and pieces that you might choose to increase communication between you and your customers — and your potential customers!